In totally random news, I've been cleaning out my hotmail folder (long as I'm booted into Mac OS 9, I might as well use Outlook Express and do it) and ran across this email, totally unrelated to the general flow of this blog (except to say that without gum and the Black Crowes, I'd be about 30% as productive as I usually manage to eek out). At any rate, I think their implied point is quite clear and rather humorous. Here we are, the email well over a year old.

Thank you for contacting the Wrigley Company to let us know you are unhappy with the new "Longer Lasting Fresh Breath" Big Red gum. Because we want all our consumers to be happy, we're glad you took the time to share your opinion with us.

Big Red gum has recently been repositioned as complete breath insurance for young, hip, socially-active adults. We're certainly sorry the flavor of Big Red gum may not be your cup of tea, but we appreciate you sharing your comments with us.

Again, thank you for contacting the Wrigley Company.

In other news, wow I like Mac OS 9. Very very quick on my iBook, and it even has vim. Now if only someone could get SAMBA working on OS 9 (yes, I know about Thursby's DAVE) and stop all this rebooting, I'd be awfully happy. But then I'm not the hip, young, tea-made-out-of-gum type. :^)