How in heaven's name does any work get done on "fun" open source projects? I had hoped I would have more time to devote to open source projects that don't directly related to what I'm doing once I was consulting from home, but it's hardly the case. Perhaps once I land a few clients and/or sell a few apps, but certainly in ye olde "start-up" period I've got so much yet to do I can't convince myself to take the time. I'd rather be hacking on my shingle for the web (aka website, of course) or even continuing to work on my own apps!

Unlike "work work", which can sometimes be weeks spent adding a feature you don't think is really that useful, working on your own app is always productive. Don't like an approach? Trash it if that's the best move. Nobody to convince, nobody to feel bad that their code wasn't used -- basically no politics. It's a great way to get work done, but you may end up never needing a break [where you could work on "fun" projects, b/c work's 99.44% fun now]!!