Thank heavens for blogs. Finally started thinking help pages might be a good idea for Digest Handler version 1.0, and started digging around for articles about JEditorPane, the fancy widget in Swing that's created expressly for the purpose of displaying help files in Java applications. I remembered that I'd seen some pretty good examples before of how to make simple browsers with the JEditPane, but I was having a real hard time googling them back up.

After a few minutes it hit me that I'd probably blogged all this before. Woohoo! I had. I've always wondered why no-name schomes like myself (as opposed to, say, people who were/are still Mozilla developers and get lured away by Apple to make a brand new browser, who ought to have their own blog) think they can get away wasting bandwidth with their meaningless blogs, but the number of times I've searched the blog for my own benefit has pretty much legitimized the practice in my mind.

Anyhow, hopefully once I'm done I can submit the help JPanel with JEditorPane to Sourceforge or the like. Certainly need to clean up my project (the one that helps ports Java to Mac OS 9-) there before the end of the month.