Two notes today. First, Sybase SQL Anywhere has its limitations. It reminds me of when mySQL didn't allow nested queries, though not nearly that basic an omission. Luckily I found someone else report the same issue without resolution or I'd think I was going crazy. I can't tell it any better, so I'll just paste the usenet post here:

create table joe ( x int, y int, z int )
select x, count(y), count(z) from joe group by x
select x, count(distinct y), count(distinct z) from joe group by x

The last select statement fails on ASA 6.0 on Windows NT. Why? (For what it's worth, it works in Oracle 8 and SQL Server 7).

For someone who's come from SQL Server, this is a big let down. Kludges galore!!!

Second issue is that I have nearly given up on working in a company that will allow me to "purely program". If you're in a job where you're working on projects 90+% of the time, let me know. And by that I mean not waiting on the customer to turn in data or dev docs or what-have-you. I just want to make things that provide solutions to problems. Tired of having to help people figure out exactly what the problem is, as well. (That's whiny. Musta be a long day.)