Finally got the iBook working again, sorta. Tried to save a few bucks installing a new hard drive in my iBook myself, but I'm afraid I did myself a pretty big diservice instead. I accidently took out a plastic piece that holds the keyboard ribbon on the motherboard, and the keyboard is currently useless. That said, I'm using the iBook now with its new, fancy 40,000,000,000 byte hard drive (40 megs my arse). Keeping the fingers crossed. Not quite as portable as it used to be, but hopefully I'll take it by a repair shop and by that piece or rig up something soon.

On another, nearly related note, it's nice to see Mac users finally start saying what everyone's known for a long time: Mac users like Mac OS better than Windows, and that is why people use Macs. Some Mac zealots have tried so hard to push why Macs aren't slower than Windows-running hardware for so long that most Windows users now miss the point entirely. It's not performance. It's not that the games are "quality over quantity". It's not that the danged boxes are easier to upgrade. Mac OS is simply more pleasing to use daily than Windows. The end.