The following is from a customer newsletter that my current company sent out today. I don't think this is news to any programmer, but is a good compiled list for a program's clients.

* Tab - to move from one field to the next on a form
* Shift + Tab - to move backwards through the fields
* Space Bar - For marking checkboxes
* Arrow keys (right, left or up) - For directional movement
* MS Window Key +R - Calls the run box to start a program. You can type
in the program name, such as Winword, and then press enter to start the
program without using the start menus.
* MS Window Key +R +WinWord (typed in the Run box) - Opens Microsoft
* MS Window Key +R +Excel (typed in the Run box) - Opens Microsoft
* MS Window Key +R +Outlook (typed in the Run box) - Opens Microsoft
* MS Window Key +M - Minimizes all windows
* MS Window Key +F - Launches the Search Window
* MS Window Key +E - Launches Explorer
* Shift + Crtl + arrow keys - to highlight words
* CTL + C - to copy the selection
* CTL + V - to paste the selection
* Alt + Tab - to switch between open applications on your workstation
* First Letter - When selecting from a drop-down list, enter the first
letter of the entry desired. Then use the arrow keys to move up or down
to the entry (if there is more than one entry with the same first
letter). Be sure to sort your tables alphabetically to make best use of
this feature.
* Alt + Letter - To change tabs without clicking the mouse, Press Alt +
the underlined letter on the Tab.