Was using my iBook today and noticed the terminal wasn't taking input very quickly, which is a sign some sort of process is taking way more processing time than it should. After checking, it was our old friend, iTunes 3. On the .5 GHz iBook, iTunes 3 will take 20-30% of my processor's time to play whatever it is I'm listening to.

So I decided to run iTunes 2 in Classic to see if I got any bonus. Nope! 30-40%, typically.

What the heck is it that takes up so much power? It'd be interesting to grab REALbasic again and use Quicktime to play mp3s and see what's what. More interesting would be to grab whatever will play mp3s on top of Darwin and see how that compares.

Of course, Terminal could also use a bit of a rewrite if you notice a processor's not even half drained when typing.