Finally met someone with an iPod, and they love it. After a few weeks of hearing about it, naturally I want one. Way too expensive a "Walkman" in my mind, but I mentioned that he'd gotten me interested.

Guess what the response was? "Great! I'll bring mine in and we can swap tunes!"

That's not great. Naturally paid tunes from the Apple Music Store can't be traded (at least not until they're cracked, and I still wouldn't), but in my mind even mp3s aren't things you should go around trading unless they're from Furthurnet or another legal source. Guess I could play Johnny Furthurseed, but I would like to have my copyrighted tunes on the iPod, and if that means people are going to want to swipe 'em, well, that is bad news.

I know, I know, it's obvious that's what people would want to do, even if I wouldn't. Just wanted to point out, for people as naive as myself, a real-world example of why record companies aren't as excited as they could be about digital music.