Two quick iTunes thoughts. One, it certianly does make piracy easier. "I just bought a new CD; [I had to burn it for myself, while I'm there] would you like me to burn you a copy?" This isn't the same mindset as, "Want me to burn you a copy of my favorite mix tape?" I can see how that might be a scary proposition for music companies. iTunes becomes not only a but the printing press.

Two: If Apple wants iTunes to be as successful as it can be, it needs to open it up similar to a COM-compliant application in the Windows world. Applescript is Apple's answer to vbscript. Either they need to port an Applescript engine to Windows or, much preferable, provide hooks to Java (or at least "ANSI C") in a compatibilty/API layer which makes a crossplatform release quick and easy -- no endian issues, nothing silly making a real port for the interface necessary. At any rate, the hooks need to be the same xplat else iTunes Windows will have more "features" than Mac OS's or, even worse, iTunes won't have been opened at all.