Welp, the trialware app is out and it's pimping time. If you're running Mac OS X, any version, it's time to hotfoot it over to The Digest Handler's home page and download you a copy!

If you'll forgive me, here's the standard blurb:
The Digest Handler is an essential, time-freeing email utility for any email list subscriber. Check efficiently organized list emails with ease. Reply to individual list emails quickly. Email the list, posts' authors, or create new list posts within The Digest Handler without the hassle of cutting and pasting quotes as you would in typical mail handlers.

Whether you're subscribed to YahooGroup's Chamber Music list, Topica.com's investments group, or one of the hundreds of independent mailing lists available on the net, The Digest Handler lets you quickly scan for those messages most important to you, contribute your responses, and get on with your business.

If you're subscribed to email list groups, you need The Digest Handler.

Honestly though, the app is right handy. I wouldn't have bother writing it if I didn't need it myself. The app is fairly well done, and runs reliably for me day in and day out.

If you are a member of more than a couple well-trafficed listservs, this app will save you hours every month. Give it a download, and let me know what you think!