From a review of the 12" Powerbook:
The third quibble: Unless you upgrade, the 12-inch G4 includes only 256MB of RAM. I wish Apple would standardize on a much more useable 512MB. This would save me from periodically having to reboot when the machine slows to a crawl. It never crashes, mind you, just slows down enough that a reboot seems in order.

Ha. That's pretty funny. CLOSE YOUR APPS!!! I would say that's a Windows user mentality there, but I don't even do that when I'm using Windows...

The new OmniWeb browser is out, based on Safari's core. Very nice. No tabs on first glance, but once again I have spellcheck in text areas like this one. Very handy. It even allows you to open up the text area into another windows entirely, to move and resize however you'd like. If they'd embed VIm, I think we'd have a winner.