Can it be? An article on .NET that talks about instances where you have to code for platforms other than IE???

The ASP.NET web controls provide a TabIndex property, but this property only applies to Internet Explorer and can't be used to programmatically set the focus to a control of your choice. To perform this task, you'll need the help of some JavaScript code. In this case, you need to find the JavaScript object that corresponds to the control, and call its focus() method.

Wow! I'm impressed he'll even recognize that there is such a thing as Javascript (nothing personal against him, but after so many articles on making a DataGrid work, this is new).

It is interesting that the code he writes is all on the backend. As the author writes, "Best of all, you don't need to sacrifice ASP.NET's secure, server- based model for the bulk of your coding; just fill in the gaps with a little dash of client-side magic." It's nice to see someone approach the web "space" realistically and acknowledge that clients other than IE exists, yet at the same time stick to the paradigm of .NET's server-side coding, keeping a firm break between presentation and logic.