From Mozilla Firebird: Mozilla Firebird FAQ:

"5.3 Will Mozilla Firebird become a bloated mess like the current Mozilla Suite?

No! The project will still be tightly managed, but we think that the increased testing and focus that comes from being the primary application will help Mozilla Firebird improve faster."

Ha. Good luck with that.

I've been lamenting lately that I've never seen an application that's ideally written just like you're supposed to, with logic factored ("normalized") just like it's supposed to, without kludges for important tasks, and without new features having been added in the smartest rather than short-term quickest method.

From the mess that is Furthurnet to the old ASP/vbscript/MSSQL sites I used to make to the innards of the apps that netted my last job's company millions every year -- and yes, even The Digest Handler -- all of them (hopefully; not even sure if some start clean), start out with a clean concept and then sort of accrete guano. It lands on you and sticks and you can't do anything about it really.

Welp, we'll see what I do before version 2.0 and see if I can't make at least the best app I've seen to date when it comes to doing things The Right Way.