Gave up waiting for the perfect Mac and dropped some major change on a 1 GHz refurb'd iMac. Upgrade times are great times to buy, and this go around I went for the old model, recently discounted.

I got the 17" model, which has a great LCD screen. Bothers me that this is the only computer I have that'll be able to use it -- perhaps not after the warranty expires, but even then it'd be a real bear, I imagine. But until then, nice screen, pretty fast Mac (needs more RAM; stuck at 256, less than the iBook, right now), and I'm back to Java'n on OS X.

Eclipse is already nearly usable, which is great news. iPhoto runs pretty well. Looking forward to giving iDVD a shot.

Anyhow, just thought I'd blog that I'd given up on getting a new Powerbook and put in the iMac order. This is, of course, why Apple updated the Powerbook line today. You're welcome.