RED HERRING | The Business of Technology: "I would like to see every citizen in the U.S. interact effectively with a member of the House of Representatives. I would love for people to actually vote on bills – with technology today, they could do that."

I've wondered about that for a while -- there's no reason not to make the House of Representatives, which has had a hard time accurately reflecting population with its fixed seats for quite some time, into a completely online/truely democratic process. Sure, we've got to get Novaterm-equipped C=64s into every house, not to mention phone lines, but there's really no reason to keep delegating our personal power to so few schmoes.

Hey, I'm all for states rights and keeping Senators for now (presidential candidates have to come from somewhere other than big companies from Texas, after all), but I've no idea why we can't have every Tuesday filled with truly democratic voting on bills understood by the masses. Would be a heck of a moderator job, though.