Here's a quote from a pretty good article on how to refactor. The code's in Perl, but start on page one (I'm linked to pg 2, above) and take a look. I admittedly don't recompile and test after inserting whitespace, but overall it seems to do a pretty good job showing exactly what I'd recommend (read: "require") anyone I'd hire to have a compulsion to do to any code that flies past their IDEs.

Anyhow, here's the quote, which is a pretty good lesson I haven't quite learned (or, the really anal part of my mind says, "learned all too well"):

This is an important lesson of Refactoring. Voltare said, 'the best is the enemy of the good'. We often get so wound up trying to make code great that we fail to improve it at all. In refactoring, it's not so important to make your code great in one leap, just a little better all the time