I'm often surprised how many tools there are out there for Java that are Clover: Code this detailed:

Clover is a code coverage analysis tool. It discovers sections of code that are not being adequately exercised by your unit tests. Clover reports its findings in multiple formats for easy use by the whole team at the project level down to each line of source code.

I believe this has something to do with what kinds of apps are created with Java -- critical, high volume apps written by pretty woofin'-big companies. These are the only places where you'll find enough staff/resources to do this kind of testing, as well as enough of risk if the code breaks to make it worthwhile, I assume.

The computer development ecosystem is a strange one I haven't nearly come close to figuring out, except to say that if you're creating an app like mine, you're supposed to use Objective-C or Visual Basic, not Java. *sigh*