Sometimes a blog that used to be chock full of useful technical information dies a horrible, horrible death. All of a sudden you're reading about the author's favorite sports teams, blogger friends they met online, their pets, the lastest Lord of the Rings movie (they've already stolen six hours of my life; dare I give them more? Read the books. They're cheaper and better), or, worst of all, the author stops programming all together [as far as you can tell when you skim the blog now].

Scott Andrew is one of the latter cases. He used to have great html -- especially standards compliant dhtml -- stuff on his site. That's dead now. He's now simply a geeky musician who has managed to leverage his blogger fame into cash, apparently. I'll concede, having not kept up, that perhaps he's even relatively okay at this new hacking of his. Good for him, bad for us.

Anyhow, after a long hiatus from skimming his bits, I took a quick look and stumbled over this fairly funny diatribe [in the "archaic : a prolonged discourse" sense] regarding some legal body called the ASCAP suing a club over bands playing covers from other bands without paying royalties.

ASCAP03: u r ILLEGALLY using music without a license to bring in business. of course, i won't tell u how i know that, or explain y purchasing a license can help yr business. and no, u can't buy a license, that ship has sailed. PAY UP, THEIF!!!!!!!

Club0wnz0r: Even though a license would cost me less than $2/day for nearly-unlimited commerical use of music, I'll instead close my doors 2 live music and complain loudly 2 TEH MEDIA!!! u r a mafia-style shakedown!!!!!!

ASCAP03: u r robbing musicians of thier livelihoods!!

Club0wnz0r: u r robbing bands of a venue. u IS LOSE


Club0wnz0r: SHUTS UP