Great. The iChat AV beta is finally acting like one. Got a message this morning that I had two weeks until it expires.

Choices? Pay $29.95 to buy iChat AV from Apple, "save" those thirty bucks by putting them towards buying Panther (OS X 10.3), or revert to iChat 1.0.1. Naturally I reverted. A forced restart and lost spellcheck later, it's time to say hello again to Adium.

Or is it? After the download, my /Applications folder is owned by "system" and not letting me move Adium in there. To get around this, you have to "Get Info" on the Applications folder, select "Ownership & Permissions", and set the owner back to you (to grenade the problem) or, in my case, set the group permissions for "admin" back to read/write.

Nice, smooth, Apple-like interface there. Guess I'm supposed to get pissed and buy Panther. Sorry guys.