It's absolutely irresponsible for msnbc to have stories that don't render properly in Firebird/Mozilla. I believe this is just as good a reason to file suit against MS as any other, and I don't mean that lightly. What other news site requires IE to read simple stories? I imagine it probably works in Opera or some such, and MS thinks they have an out that way. Or perhaps it doesn't -- in any event, it's absolutely insane that such a large arm of two even larger corporations can't make html that works cross-browser, and I'm going to go postal -- maybe even Howard Dean-al -- on this one. (Okay, maybe not, but it sounds aggravated, and that's the message here. This should be illegal.)

So msnbc requires IE to view some pages, IE to watch any video, and even the freakin' buttons for voting don't work in Firebird when the rest of an msnbc page does. You mean msnbc web hackers can't figure out how to work radio buttons and html forms the way the w3c tells them to? *stew* This is *definitely* on purpose. You'd have to go out of your way to hack like this. Might come back to "uplevel" and "downlevel" browsers in .NET, which .NET decides that only uplevel browsers will be offered the full functionality of certain widgets, and "uplevel" conveniently only contains IE among its ranks.

This needs to stop.