Just saw a big ole black dog walking down the street by himself across the street outside the office window. Naturally he stopped to mark an old tire sitting out by the trash can. That was humourous enough to me for some reason (as the dog, acting very independant and person-like, quickly undercuts that appearance by urinating in the street), but as he walked off I noticed another large piece of trash that was on the ground directly behind him he'd obscured earlier. Yep. A toilet.

How does that have anything to do with computer science? Urm... No matter how wonderful your UI, somebody's still going to miss the point. When you're shipping a shrinkwrapped app (or even a downloaded, end-user, client-app), keep in mind *those* people are in your market too. Not just computer-savvy users like you -- there are also people that would rather pee on a tire than into a toilet.

Good save?