It's impossible for a person to truly multitask. You might do work that's applicable to more than one project at the same time, but you'd have to be one heck of a worker to hack on two projects concurrently. It's pretty much impossible.

So beware of jobs that state that an applicant needs to be able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. That's a sign of bad management. Sure, sure -- reality means you're always got something on more than one burner at a time almost endlessly. But good management has a worker working on one thing -- completing it as closely as possible -- and shielded from the next task until the first one's complete. That's what mangement means, for crimminy sake. Sometimes those two tasks are just small parts of larger projects, and if you've got management that works with you so well that you're able to finish one task on Project 1, then another task on Project 2, then a task back on Project 1 again, bless your luck; you've found management that's doing its job. Switching takes time, and switching daily at times that aren't natural to your project wastes your time. Wasting your time means wasting your company's and your customer's time as well.

Be wary of jobs where tasks are dumped in your lap and you're supposed to truly juggle them. That's not management at all.