I'm a pretty big fan of naming conventions, and have just been asked by a customer to explain what I use to their programmers. Just for the fun of documenting that my conventions are exactly just, "the random musings of the freakinname author", here's my source:

What follows are the Reddick .NET Conventions. The objectives of the conventions are to make code:

* More readable: Conventions allow a reader to understand the meaning of the code with less effort.
* More maintainable: The code can be more reliably changed to fix bugs and enhance functionality.
* More reliable: The code is more likely to perform as expected.
* More efficient: The code performs faster or consumes fewer resources.

The current version of these conventions can always be found on the Xoc Software web site: http://www.xoc.net.

Now admittedly I don't hold absolutely true to his suggestions, for example I usually use bBooleanVar instead of boolBooleanVar. Yet if you're using bool as a prefix, I certainly won't mind. The point is the general concepts of a sort of naming convention are being followed. Might also be useful to check out the same fellow's VBA naming conventions, which are a little more fleshed out, due to age if nothing else.