Got a $20 Mac laptop shipped, and it's a bit old. Finally got my ethernet adapter this week and was all ready to start Macing around on the cheap. No luck at home; tried everything I could think of doing. So I brought the thing to work. Seems to do well (more lights come on on the adpater anyhow), but now I've got a Mac with OS 7.6.1 on it and no way to get on the net! I've got MS Office on there (will wipe soon, I suppose, after asking if that was part of the bargin), but no way to get networked 0's and 1's.

Welp, I grabbed WannaBe browser, which works with 7.6.1, and put the compressed install on a floppy. Got it into the Mac and, you guessed, it, no Stuffit Expander. I'm stuck! I've got a Mac with ethernet and no way to get any info over the connection. No ftp, no zmodem, nothing [that I know of]. Happy tenth birthday, Mr. Powerbook 520.

Hopefully this post on usenet, entitled "Re: -Question: MAC and StuffIT - Chicken before the egg situation", will help. But we've only got three floppies in the shop, and even if I track down software from 1997, it'll be a pain shuffling all the files around.