How do you add VB.NET syntax highlighting to VIm? The built-in help does a poor job of describing one somewhat convoluted way. Here's the quick and dirty one. I'm going to assume you're on Windows, if only b/c the VIm help assumes you're on *NIX.

Go to the dir where you've installed VIm -- in my case D:\Program Files\vim\vim62. Inside that dir is a file called filetype.vim. Open it. Search for ".bas" (so that's hitting the "/" key to search, followed by the expression "\.bas").

Copy the line for *.bas files and replace .bas with .vb. That's it.

" BASIC or Visual Basic
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.vb call FTVB("basic")
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.bas call FTVB("basic")

Note that when you install a new version, it'll have its own filetype.vim file and this change won't be seen. That's the advantage of using the VIm help's method.

That's somewhat cheating -- note that all we've really done is to add the VB6 syntax package to .vb files -- but that's a great, easy place to start. It's relatively easy to start hacking on the vb6 file to add jive if you really get the inkling, and then you can try creating a brand new syntax file using the help in VIm.

But yeah, that's the quickest way to get useful VB.NET highlighting in VIm.