I've mentioned before that I recommend keeping debugging information around. At the same time, I'm not a big fan of code like the following at all.


strErrLocation = "before cmdTemp's second getCommand call"

cmdTemp = Me.getCommand(strSql)

strErrLocation = "after getCommand for long sql"

dreadParcelsAndFlags = cmdTemp.ExecuteReader

strErrLocation = "after long execute reader"

dsReturn = _
mdlEntryPageCustomDatasets.getFlagEditDataset(colFlags, _

strErrLocation = "before dreadParcels disposal"


I'm not talking about the haphazard, stream-of-consciousness remarks describing location either, though those could be changed. What I dislike is that my IDE -- not a text editor, mind you, my *IDE*; I'd obviously forgive a text editor -- makes me put this sort of dscription inline with the rest of the code.

VS.NET is making strides with its ability to collapse blocks of comments with the click of a checkbox, but we could use a little more flexibility with the way the tools handle inline debugging information/error trapping code as well.