"[F]ormer Microsoft top exec Brad Silverberg", way back in 5/2000, talks about MS's MO, Brilliant Ideas Run Through a Profit Maximization Machine. Apparently takes quite a bit of overhead.

it has to be so that its energy can be 95% focused externally. rather than 80% internally, as is the case today. the company is so wrapped up in its shorts that it can't get anything done. it has an incredible amount of iq yet is getting only pennies on the dollar -- so much iq is wasted. the best example i can think of of what can happen when people are motivated and externally focused is ie3... so much done is [in?] so little time by so few people.

Just think, if he's right about those numbers (which I'm sure were outta his arse, but still, let's us 'em), MS could be producing 475% more useful software than it's doing now if they'd just stop the "money at all costs" scheme. Though that is the American/capitalist way, isn't it? And before you quote me out of context when I run for president, ask me what I mean, okay?