Slashdot | Halloween X Author Mike Anderer Speaks Out:

It's obvious to me, even though I'm not a Lawyer, that he gave it away in the middle of the interview...

'I could easily see IBM, HP, Sun, and many of the other large hardware players solving this problem tomorrow by settling the dispute with SCO and maybe even taking the entire code base and donating it into the public domain.'

The real goal here is to strip the GPL away from Linux. Once its free of the severe restrictions of the GPL, they can take it, and start work on MS-Linux.

Interesting, but I tend not to agree. My /. post...

Seriously, what's Linux got that MS wants so bad that they can't steal from BSD legally, like Apple did? Rotor []'s already on FreeBSD, and I'm not sure what MS would want to steal from Linux other than that basic foundation for their CLI, other than brand marketability (which, I suppose, could be enough).
MS doesn't like competition, and that's why they'd help out SCO and have this fellow essentially threaten Red Hat out of business. They don't have to want to have Linux to want to see it gone.

Looks like I'm not alone in my thinking.