I used to say I didn't know if Apple had a J2EE (the "business class jvm", as opposed to the more client-centric J2SE (S == "Standard" and E == "Enterprise")) and that I thought they didn't. Someone finally asked on the Java dev list, and now I'm pretty confident I know they don't.

> Just out of curiosity... Where's Apple's J2EE stand-alone distro? If
> not available are they planning to release it in the future?

Apple includes JBoss in the developer package as an optional install.
They do not have their own implementation of J2EE and I doubt that
Apple ever will roll their own but instead focus on leveraging a
solution like JBoss.

And here's a bit more from Apple's site:
First, Apple provides support for the development and deployment of J2EE applications both using native Java APIs and using Apple's Java-based WebObjects frameworks. For conventional J2EE development with EJBs and servlets, Apple's Xcode Tools include templates for J2EE projects as well as a JBoss development server that can run your J2EE applications.

That's a second class Java implementation, I'm afraid, but it does get the first class treatment (still the only OS where you can count on a Java 2 jre installed out of the box).