In general I don't like Robert Cringely much, as he often does a poor job supporting over the top arguments in my limited experience, but this article sums up what most Linux zealots need to understand (yes, you):

All those who think Linux will clean Microsoft's clock who are also people who have never compiled software, please hold up your hand. See, it is the technical community (those who compile -- the Compilers) that sees Open Source as the ultimate winner while all the people who actually buy software don't.

Mind you, that's much different than saying, "See, just like I told you, Linux can't win," which I believe (haven't finished reading) Cringely might very well do. An Open Source OS will eventually win, I believe, not because of where it is now but because eventually people who buy software *will* start using GPL'd jive. Limewire was open source, and a number of traditional end-users sure as heck use that. I'd like to cite Mozilla, but I'm just not as confident that's as good an example -- but the numbers are high enough (of non-Compilers using the software) that it shows Moz can be done outside of the world of geeks.

And, eventually, people will find alternatives to each of their computing needs and, suddenly, one day Open Source software will hit that tipping poiint I mentioned earlier.

But for now, what the Compilers need to understand is that until Linux can pass the above quoted test, Linux won't reach the tipping point. Furthermore, anything they can do to move Linux towards passing that test, better than any other test I've seen, will help move Linux toward the eventual position of superiority open source software's paradigm nearly guarantees.