Finally, an OS X virus. I was almost starting to feel ashamed no OS X hackers had even bothered, and had toyed with the idea of writing up something myself. It'd be oh so easy to write the typical email-spam virus app, even in Java, and just try to release it into the wild with a touch of social engineering.

But in a strange twist of irony, you'll know OS X has made it once we've got enough uneducated people opening attachments that a proof of concept virus matters. Until people clicking open fake mp3s makes a difference, well, the Mac is still just a second rate platform, even for virus deployment.

And, honestly, this mp3 idea is weak. Many Mac users are going to use iTunes for mp3s, and it would appear that "running it" using iTunes after an import does nothing but run the mp3 file inside of the bundle through iTunes -- and wouldn't execute any code. So that's about as dumb a "virus" as you could get. Many people wouldn't even bother double clicking it even were they "fooled" into thinking it was just an mp3 file. Brilliant. Disguise a trojan horse as something that makes it *less* likely to be clicked. Absolutely brilliant. *sigh*