Was looking for emails with information about our company's 401k today with Thunderbird, my preferred mail client of the moment. I've been using 0.3 for quite some time now, and have had trouble during upgrades in the past, so I'm leaving well enough alone by not upgrading to [whatever the current version is, now 0.5].

That in mind, we've got some interesting search results. Turns out searching the "body" also searches attachments, at least in 0.3. Here's a line that came back regarding 401ks:

(bold mine, of course)

Not something you'd typically expect to come up in a search for 401k.

Anyhow, what's interesting to me is that the mail client, ostensibly using the same source as Netscape 7 as a base, has an error like that. You'd think that this wouldn't've been a problem with a mature client, and I wonder if Mozilla and its projects' new status independant of AOL has left something of a void in regression testing processes.