from here:

Some of IBM's statements have essentially distilled down to 'we'd love to help: open source java so that we can'. This has led to questions about whether or not IBM has been able to help. The answer is that they have. They're one of the strongest participants in the Java Community Process. Their participation over the years has been substantial, and we're very thankful for it. For example, IBM was the major mover that led to the creation of the Swing API to replace the AWT api. They contributed many engineers to the Swing team. Viewing that time in hindsight, it is more than slightly ironic that these days they're endorsing SWT, which is essentially a clone of the AWT architecture, which they had strongly condemmed back when the decision to create Swing was being debated.

Least they don't mind figuring out in hindsight that they were wrong. Having a long memory about how people are hypocritical might help in politics, but when it comes to business, let's say in strong words what we believe is right for today.

Aside from that, I think he's got a right good argument against open sourcing Java. Come on, don't you think Java will go somewhere if Sun buckles under?