I know, I know, I should stop reading my own blog, but I just can't get over the quote from some Netbeans feller on 3.6.

Here it is again.

Definitely. 3.6 focused on 2 major things: the use of Windows L&F on Windows 2000 and XP (and updating the NetBeans design to look cool under those L&Fs) [and something else]...

Look, if Swing's "Java look" is so bad that not even developers can ignore Swing apps that don't look native, hasn't it failed miserably? I mean, nobody should be more capable of ignoring quirks and understanding why having a Java look and feel that acts exactly the same, regardless of platform is a laudable goal. If not even the evangelists have faith, why not go ahead and sell out to SWT (or at least start AWT development back up) now?