Man, even Java's Border layout is worried about being PC:

Version note: Before 1.4, the preferred names for the various areas were different, ranging from points of the compass (for example, BorderLayout.NORTH for the top area) to wordier versions of the constants we use in our examples. The constants our examples use are preferred because they are standard and enable programs to adjust to languages that have different orientations.

So NORTH at the top was a bad idea, apparently, possibly throwing off all sorts of Australian (and South American and sub-Eqatourial -- er, south-of-the-equator African programmers) programmers whose apps suddenly look flop-flipped (which is how I assume they use the term down there where the water drains differently). Now they have "LINE_START" and "LINE_END" instead of EAST and WEST.

Don't tell them Hebrew (iirc, among others) reads right to left. What's wrong with top, bottom, left, and right anyhow?