Now here's an interesting development on the email front... (On a side note, I'm using Google Alerts to keep tabs on 'competitors' (quotes b/c it's not like I'm really selling just yet), as suggested by some consultant to small business schmoes (can't find the link), and it really ain't a bad idea. If you're a small business schmoe, do it.)

Anyhow, interesting that Novell is going to try and out-Outlook M$ -- on Windows! Also tried out Entourage ("Outlook on Mac", so to speak) and it's actually an excellent client as far as initial impressions go. If you have Office and haven't at least taken a look, hook up a hotmail address for testing and do so.

Novell has thrown its weight behind a fledgling effort to develop a Windows version of the Evolution groupware client. The software company hopes the move will give Windows desktop users an open-source alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

Evolution, like Outlook, is a suite including email, calendaring and address book software. A version for Linux desktops is already available, and work is now under way on porting it to Windows.