Stripped from the headlines of, well, um, an email I sent to a proverbial college buddy...

eWeek tends to do a pretty good, if executive level (understandably; that's their market), review of the uses of Linux in business, and I thought you might enjoy seeing what they had to write about Gentoo. They've got about an article a week that you'd probably enjoy, actually, but this one seemed right up your alley.

It is refreshing to see eWeek next to, say, Visual Studio magazine. VS mag has on its back page this month an article dedicated to saying, with no real reasoning why, that you lose money by not investing as many unpaid training hours as you possibly can so that you can learn as cutting edge a Microsoft programming tech as possible. Moving from VB6 to .NET or .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0 are two examples they hand out. You do it, the article says, not just b/c it's useful, but b/c you *need* the new features in each update.

Drives me mad. As Jay told me, "It's all zeroes and ones." There's essentially nothing you can't do in assembler and my old Powerbook 150 that you can do with .NET 2.0 if you know what you're doing.

[/end rant] Guess I'll fn this one... Anyhow, article attached.