Interesting Cinco de Mayo for REALbasic:

Press Release : REAL Software Acquires Database Technology:
'We acquired this technology so that REALbasic users will have instant access to a well-known, industry-standard, fast, dependable, SQL-based database engine on which to build powerful database applications,' stated Geoff Perlman, president and CEO of REAL Software. 'In addition, they will be able to do so on Windows, Macintosh and Linux, furthering our firm commitment to provide cross-platform that really works.'

One thing that's missing (unforgivably missing) on Mac OS X is an Access equivalent, and when I say that I mean the Jet Database Engine, a free, easy to program against, [arguably] rdbms right there with the OS. I think OS X has mySQL in there by default in some versions, but I haven't seen much press for it nor has it been there that long by comparison. Nice to see REALbasic is taking this lack more seriously. (They had an Access like engine before, but imagine this is a step up.)

If they'd mirror VB6 specs/APIs/whathaveyou, they'd really be on to something with Microsoft's decision to end all VB6 support.