As if Columba will have 3 million Indian users - Columba - Java Email Client:

Columba will have 3 million Indian users
IT Minister of India to put Columba and OpenOffice on a CD amongst other tools. It will be distributed for free with all major Tamil magazines and newspapers and targets 3 million people.

So if I pay to put The Digest Handler on a MacAddict CD, how many Indian users do I get to claim?

Seriously, where do you start in on that horrible piece of propaganda? That they claim 3 million people are going to be "users"? That, even if there were 3 million people using Columba, that every one of those 3 million are going to be ripping their hair from their roots when they realize how difficult it is to get it to do what Thunderbird,, Entourage, or Evolution does much more easily?

Columba's a great idea and they have a nice looking web presence, but in my experience on the Mac, the app is horribly written and hardly ready for prime time. When I initially saw that headline quoted out of context, I was afraid some government agency was going to shove Columba down its users' throats, which would have been a dire thing indeed.

I wish Columba the best of luck (especially if they keep MPL'ing everything), but fellows, seriously, it's not going to replace 3,000 users' favorite mail handlers any more quickly than The Digest Handler is.