Sun apparently wants to know which of the following are most important for Java's stock html viewer, typically used in help sections of Java apps (like mine, no less):

from the blog asking for responses...
Specifically, [the Java Client group members] want to know the importance of:

HTML 4.x and CSS 2.x
XHTML 1.x and CSS 2.x
XML and CSS 2.X
Look and feel consistency
Printing Support
Native browser rendering
Using custom rendering
JavaScript support

Ha, are you kidding? All of them, dang it, minus maybe native browser rendering. That seems to be part of the black box we [non-in-house Java engineer] programmers shouldn't be worried about. Make the rest work, and if the JDIC route of using native browser engines is the best route, sure, take it, though IE on Windows leaves me with with a not-so-secure feeling.

It's hard to believe Java has grown to this mature a state with such a poor built-in html viewer, barely rendering a pretty plain jane version of html 3.2, not that Mac OS has done much better until very recently. This is one place among many where VB really shines. Heck, we've even been able Mozilla in VB apps for quite some time!

By the way, we're nearly at 20,000 hits here at mfn and this is the 997th post. Nearly Hall of Fame numbers there, were blogs to be measured solely by numbers like that. Of course half of the hits are probably from me and the other half from robots (actually a surprising number are from real users via Google, Yahoo, & friends), but there you have it. And still ad-less, yo. I wonder if donating both cents I'd get from Google Adwords to charity would make it okay...

Anyhow, thanks random Googlers.