Want to send or receive email from Windows? Sheesh heavens, this site has it all. No, really, everything, from MAPI to talking TCP with Winsock, even a way to send mail from the command line.

Sure, I've seen a few of these before, but never so nicely presented in one place. A great resource, and to think it's just an outgrowth of the guy's stuff on how to use Access. Wow.

In other news, I decided to use JavaMail on a current project instead, since I've got some pretty mature code sitting around, but still needed to talk to Excel on Windows. If I wanted xplat, I'd've gone comma separated values, I suppose, but luckily this is a Windows-only task. So JavaMail with what? Or do I go VB6 with one of the above?

Luckily, devx has decent article on JCOM that has a dll and Java wrappers for automating Excel from Java that works well with at least Win2k and Excel 2k. There are some issues, like asking for a count of rows gives you 65536, a number which should always raise eyebrows, and only for a second before that knowing look comes back. So it's not exactly perfect, and much of the documentation is in Japanese (a negative for me, I'm afraid), but it does let you play with Excel in a VB-like fashion with Java, and that's good enough for me.