In a complete 180 from my typical "as if code rusted" schtick, I was awfully surprised to read the following from Dan Knight at

If you're dependent on Classic, as we are at Low End Mac with
Claris HomePage and Photoshop 5.5 (which I find a lot faster than
Photoshop Elements 3.0), stick with PowerPC hardware for now and
pick up a PowerBook.

You know, good for him. Yet I find it almost impossible to imagine someone (again, in complete contradiction to my usual stance, in a sense) who hasn't replaced everything they did in Classic with something in OS X native-land, assuming they've got hardware that'll run X admirably. I don't even install Classic on my Macs anymore, though I will admit to needing to find a cheap SE so that I can run vMac and the original Civilization and MacWrite.

If I had a 366 MHz G3, I'd be all over OS 9. If I were in the market for the new 17" MacBook Knight is discussing, well, I think I'd also be in the market for OS X replacements for my software. ;^)