Wanted to email a link to eBay that was rather long and didn't want the, um, less than advanced recipient to run into a URL that wrapped in the mail handler. What to do? tinyurl.com it, of course.

Got this interesting comment with my link:

The URL your entered is a link to Ebay. Ebay has an affiliate program and we have made this TinyURL into an affiliate link which helps support this site. However, if you wish to have a TinyURL to Ebay that is not an affiliate link, then please click here: make non-affiliate TinyURL.

Now that's The Right Way (originally with a capital "I", no less). Is there really any possible negative side effect of cashing in a touch if someone buys the item using the tinyurl? Absolutely not 90+% of the time, I'd imagine. Why not piggyback the process with a little pocket lining? And for the 10-% left over, they provide an easily accessed way of removing any conflict. Slick.