Today's lessons:

1.) On Mac OS X (and elsewhere; that's where I am right now), it's very easy to concatenate many jpgs into a single pdf using image magick. Much much easier than, say, using jpg2pdf.

convert img1.jpg img2.jpg -adjoin out.pdf

Even more fun is that you can also manipulate the jpgs before concatenating. So if you've scanned text into jpgs and need to rotate 90 degrees to read the scans as well as put 'em all into a single pdf for easy viewing...

convert -rotate 90 img1.jpg img2.jpg img3.jpg ... -adjoin out.pdf

Very nice. You can grab image magick easily -- so easily I could do it -- using fink on OS X. Thanks to jvm for the continued image magick tutorial there.

2.) Cable upload speed es stinkio.

3.) The scanning software for the Epson 2580 works well on OS X, but grabs about 30% of my proc power (G4 1.2 GHz) sitting still. Very bad if, say, you're trying to rotate and concatenate 30 fairly large jpgs into a single pdf.