It's finally happened. the Mezzanine slot is back, but it's supported this time!

Macsimumnews reports that the new 24' iMac incorporates a Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM) connector for its video card. The use of this standard connector potentially means that the video card in the newest iMac is upgradeable.

Good job, Jobs. This is precisely what the iMac needed. Now RAM, processor (based on earlier reports of people saying the Mini has a sockets proc, at least), and video cards are upgradable, at least in the high end Mac. Truth told, other than hard drive space and buying a new optical drive, that's about all the internal upgrading I've ever needed to do (though admittedly my old StarMax has seen a USB, Firewire, and a few ethernet cards in its day).

Now with dual core in the cheapest mini and upgradable video in the nicest iMac, Apple, for practical purposes, has a nice, continuous product line, without unecessarily constraining performance from any of its boxes.