The new iPod Shuffle looks cool, but is it? I like small. I like clipable a lot.

What's not to like? Well, it has a base now, which makes it more difficult to pair your Shuffle with your iBook or Macbook. It's also lost the USB connector in the process. Having recently misplaced my jumpdrive (which is driving me crazy), I was easily able to set aside some space on the Shuffle and pick right back up in the interim. That's a handy feature.

Still, I really like that clip. Much nicer than carrying around the Shuffle in the pocket, and without the worry of having the earphones trash the Shuffle's innards while it's there. Yes, that happened to me, and I had to take the danged thing apart and solder some pieces back together. Not fun and, like my iBook whose hard drive I upgraded, the Shuffle is at least cosmetically a little worse for wear.