Daring Fireball strikes again:

[quoting Paul Thurrott, fwtw]

If that's really true, I'll just reiterate a request I've been making
for a long time now. Mr. Jobs, tear down that DRM wall: License
FairPlay, seek a license to Microsoft's Windows Media technologies, and
make all of these products interoperate in the world as it is, even if
it's not as perfect as the one you allegedly prefer.

[back to Gruber]
Remember the RIAA's response to Jobs's essay, where they misread Jobs's clear statement that Apple has rejected the idea of licensing FairPlay as an offer to license FairPlay? Thurrott takes it even further, suggesting not only that Apple license FairPlay to other companies, but that Apple "seek" (read: "pay for") a license to Microsoft's Windows Media DRM.

This is, yes, a remarkably laughable suggestion. But it raises a genuinely intriguing question: How could Thurrott be so wrong?

Another interesting read. I'll withhold the answer since I'm not commenting on it, but worth reading. DRM squabbles really are the most interesting [popularly influential] things going on in comp sci/info tech/digital media right now.