This new iTunes "feature", reported by Mac Rumors proves me once again an idiot:

Did you know that if you've purchased one or more songs from an eligible album, you may now be able to buy the rest of the album at a reduced price? You have up to six months after first downloading a song from an eligible album to purchase the remainder of the album.

I'd heard that they were considering something like this, and may have even blogged about how I tended to buy a track or two to try out and then buy CDs I wanted used off of Amazon, and how giving me those tracks back as a $1-2 "discount" off of the album might make me a bigger iTMS customer. I didn't see it happening, though, because overall, they stood to make more money, perhaps, through these dual sales and (most importantly) people buying the whole albums up front to "save dough," than outta schmoes like me.

Well, duh, that's where the six months bit comes in (not to mention the "eligible albums" selective restriction). One key foundation of any good sales technique is something to entice the buyer to act NOW. Poof. Now those $1-2 are a short-term investment in the album, one which I lose if I don't buy later. That's a good reframe.

So for 95% of anybody reading this, duh. For me, pretty bright, though I do wonder about the six-month limitation. Why not more? Less? What's the best time to maximize the cut of the market?