Panic - Coda - One-Window Web Development for Mac OS X:
Collaboration. Using the innovative Subetha Engine, edit code simultaneously with a co-worker in the next cube — or across the globe. Share documents via Bonjour, track changes, or just sneak in dumb jokes.

Yeah, but does it have VIm mode? (Well, sorta, yes.)

The big deal here is that Panic's made something that's browser, editor, and ftp app in one, and now allows you to do it all from a single window. Great. If you have a giant monitor. And don't mind only checking in Safari (Firefox for xplat, anyone?). And don't have anything server side (php, asp, jsp, lmnop).

I really like Transmit, Panic's ftp client. It's one of the few shareware apps I've paid for, and, much to my chagrin as I've ranted here before, paid for twice. Perhaps this would be useful, but I'm not sold, yet.