I'd gotten annoyed that Google, a company whose web-interfaces have typically impressed me for their backwards compatibilty -- an important mindset for those of us who occasionally use Mac OS 9 and Mozilla 1.x -- had finally, though understandably, put such old school browsers to bed with their new search interface. You could still use it fine, but the "images video groups" etc bar at the top wouldn't display correctly. Oh well, us [even part-time] relative Luddites were finally going to be second-rate citizens on Google.

Not so anymore. The stuff works, and by works I mean I can now access everything in the toolbar without incident. That's cool. I know I get excited about the littlest things at times, but there's no reason to cut out even the small percentage of users that still surf with pretty old browsers. You can write dhtml that hits pretty much everyone if you're deliberate and considerate enough in your coding. Though Google sometimes starts out with changes that don't quite work as many places as they could, I'm again impressed with their long-term committment to creating excellent, lowest-common-denominator interfaces.